Fully Refundable Print-On-Demand Service #1


1) It has a strong moral theme - we are managed by a Christian ministry and hence our preference is for books with strong Christian themes or good moral value. Your book may be good but if it appears to be anti-Christian, or dissuade people from being Christians, it would not fit into our plans. The book does not necessarily have to be a "Christian book" or religious in any sense but at once it should not incite hatred against Christians or biblical beliefs.

2) It has a clearly defined target audience -  many authors expect publishers to figure out from their works who they had in mind while writing a book. A competent author must know who is the intended audience for the book he has written.

3) It is properly formatted - we accept only email submissions in which the manuscript itself is sent as an attachment in Microsoft Word format. Please kindly do not submit manuscript or query by fax. All submissions must be by email.

4) Prepare a brief biographical sketch. This should be at most a page. It should show relevant credentials for writing the book.

5) Send us an email at submissions@baalhamon.com - with the following as attachments in Microsoft word format:

a) Sample chapters - the first chapter and not more than 2 other sample chapters.

b) A synopsis of the rest of the book

c) Biographical sketch.

d) Analysis of the target audience and market plan for the book.


* Baal Hamon Publishers would decide on the publication of your book based on a number of factors, including but NOT limited to: a) the writing quality - how engaging we find your material; b) the popularity of the subject - how much, in our opinion, the book will have a wide appeal; c) the popularity of the author - how well-known you are. Many first-time authors with good materials do not often score high on the "author-popularity" point and hence get rejected by most publishers. In our case, if we determine that your work is publishable but you do not score high on the author-popularity point, we may offer you an author-promotion package (at an initial cost to the author). This will range from between $200 to $2,000 depending on your particular case. The deposit paid by the author will be refunded back to the author in agreed proportions along with regular royalties as the author popularity and sales of the book rises, such that eventually the publishing of the book will be a NET ZERO ($0) cost to the author.

* Send enquiries to submissions@baalhamon.com for more details.