Take Me Home, Windrider - by Jeff Knighton
ISBN 978-495-650-0 (Paperback: US $11.99)
Category: Non-fiction

Take Me Home, Windrider God uses nature to teach us His ways. God has taught Dr. Knighton to be a true Christian from his uniquely rich experience as a ranch hand in Texas. It was there that he enjoyed the tough but fulfilling labors of working with horses and cattle. The work offered plenty of hours under the deep Texan sky, in both kind and harsh weather, to examine his own spirit as he rode pasture observing nature, and tending to the cattle under his watch. This book captures the reflections that have given Dr. Knighton a perspective on life unique to those who have been privileged to spend time as a working cowboy which over the years has enhanced his work as a teacher and preacher. These reflections have been used as discussion starters in small group Bible studies, and as illustrations in preaching. They afford the reader an adventurous ride in the inner man with Christ.


The Reverend Dr Jeff Knighton is Senior Pastor of the First Christian Church in Pampa, Texas. A Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Studies with more than 25 years experience in pastoral ministry, Dr. Knighton exudes a true cowboy spirit depicted by heroic integrity, strength of moral character, bravery and courage. He has previously worked as a journalist both in print and radio media and as a farm and ranch hand in the Texas panhandle.

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Worship That Pleases God - by James W. Bartley, Jr. (PhD) 
ISBN 978-075-688-4 (Paperback: US $13.99) 
Category: Non-fiction

Dr. James W. Bartley Jr. has gone beyond the common status quo to explore a subject that most authors do not have sufficient experiential credentials to delve into. He practically reflects on his more than 60 years experience of walking with Worship That Pleases GodGod to bring many into an awe-striking deeper communion with God. His book, Worship that pleases God gives an accurate insight into the inexhaustible subject of Worship – as an invaluable asset in the Man-God relationship. Being a retired Professor of theology, Dr. Bartley has successfully made a holistic and unassailable exposition of worship – as a theme that finds its root in the book of Genesis and continues to Revelation in the Bible, while his academic perception lends credence to his work. Worship that pleases God is not just a book that enriches the knowledge of inquisitive readers; Dr. Bartley has carefully sequenced it in such a manner that even the least motivated reader will simply find the wave of his discovered supernatural worship pattern so irresistible.

James W. Bartley Jr. obtained a B.S in Chemical Engineering at Auburn University in 1948 and later bagged a Bachelor of Divinity, Master of TDr Bartleyheology and Doctor of Theology in 1951, 1965 and 1975 respectively from the Baptist Theological Seminary. He served primarily as a Professor at the Uruguayan Baptist Theological Seminary and as a Baptist Missionary to Uruguay until his retirement in 1993. Having served as guest Professor in the Baptist Seminaries in Madrid, Mexico, Argentina and twice as a guest editor at the Spanish Baptist Publishing House in Texas, he has earned an enviable international influence and recognition.

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