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Pastoral Interventions- by Neville Kirkwood
ISBN 978-4956543 (Paperback: US $14.99)
Category: Non-fiction

"Neville Kirkwod synthesises the importance of Faith and Spirituality into modern health care" - Rabbi Jeffrey Cohen, FRSA, DD, D.Min, BCC, Sydney Australia.

In Pastoral Interventions, Dr. Neville Kirkwood brings his rich experience that spans many decades in pastoral care work to bear. The book will certainly be useful for professional caregivers, and relatives, or friends, of those in need of care. Having being a Hospital Chaplain for many years, Dr. Kirkwood uses his wealth of knPastoral Inverntionsowledge to deal in this book with questions regarding the health and well-being of the total person. These include: 
* Questions When In Crisis 
* Questions About Death  
* Dealing With Cancer 
* Managing Depression 
* Coronary Concerns  
* Spirituality and Well-being  
For several years the author has contributed a column of short stories to the "North Lakes Messenger" a local weekly magazine, and employs his excellent writing skills to make Pastoral Interventions amenable to reading and simply “eye-opening”.

Dr. Neville KirkwDr Kirkwoodood lived on the edge of two Indian Forest Reserves when he served in cross-cultural mission for almost two decades. Another two decades was spent as a Hospital Chaplain retiring as President of the Australia College of Chaplains and Chairman of the Civil Chaplaincies Advisory Committee of New South Wales, a multi-faith chaplaincy consultative body representing Christian as well as other Faith Communities. In between these ministries he served in a pastoral role in two parish churches. He has published many other books.

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The Tie That Binds - by Jeffrey Pedersen  
ISBN: 978-4956527  (Paperback: US $9.99) 

The Tie That Binds will give couples the tools to work on building a strong and healthy marriage for a lifetime. This book is a good resource for couples who are preparing for marriage, but also for those who are currently marriedThe Tie That Binds. This book can also be used for marriage retreats and for small group study.  
In reading this book together with your spouse, you would jointly explore: 
• Overcoming the challenge of leaving your parents to “cleave” to your spouse. 
• Maintaining excellent verbal and nonverbal communication with your spouse. 
• Avoiding conflicts in marriage and managing them when they sometimes occur. 
• Securing your marriage by maintaining healthy boundaries with professional colleagues and friends. 
• Gaining control over the addictions, behaviors, and practices that are most threatening to your marriage. 
• Loving your children without reducing your love commitment to your spouse. 
• Letting Christ be the chief cornerstone of your marriage.

Rev. Jeffrey P.Rev Pedersen Pedersen has been a pastor for more than 20 years and has a Doctor of Ministry degree. He has earned degrees from Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota; Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota; and Colorado Theological Seminary, Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Rev. Pedersen is also the author of the books: Endless Running, River Reflections, Cross-Winter Skiing, and Christmas Ponderings. He has a weekly television Bible study on KFXB Christian television, Dubuque, Iowa, and has led many marriage classes and retreats.

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