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Welcome to Baal Hamon Publishers

"I am starting to see that Baal Hamon Publishers expects a very high standard from their authors and that anything that comes from their warehouse will be well worth your time reading".

            - Terry Delany (@Christbooknotes)

Baal Hamon Publishers is Tie That Bindsan imprint of the Joy and Truth Christian Ministry, hence our preference is for books with strong moral themes. This does not mean that we publish only religious books. It does mean, however, that we would not consider publish anything that can be termed "immoral". For us, publishing is not just business. it is ministry. WE SERVE. Our ultimate goal in publishing books is not profit but to affect lives and the society positively.

  Joy and Truth Christian Ministry itself is a non-denomination outreach movement with a commitment to promoting the unity of the faith and Spirit among Christians from all backgrounds. We are not affiliated to any particularbook1 denomination or sect and we welcome all.

Baal Hamon Publishers  is a small but actively growing firm. Our entry into the international book market was the 360-page book, Does God Truly Exist? - by the founder and Coordinator of the Joy and Truth Christian Ministry. The book, which was released in August 2006 has fared well and touched many lives worldwide. It has been positively reviewed, and also sharply criticized in several major news publications.

Four books - two novels (The Fatherless and Saved By Grace) and two non-fiction books (Worship book2That Pleases God and The Sabbath and the Trinity) were released in 2008 and are all doing well in the Christian book market. All four books are by matured Christians and present unique truths that are important for Christians of all backgrounds to understand.

In every book we have published or accepted for publication, one of the things we have always looked out for is a positive value that ourselves can gain for our own individual lives from the message of the author. Our rationale is that if the message of a particular book impacts on us, it will impact on our readers too. Dr. James Bartley's Worship That Pleases God is an example of such. It is a book that has frequently motivated us into an attitude of worship. The book was positively reviews in the Baptist Standard news journal.

Baal Hamon Publishers is listed in the Christian Writers Market Guide and we are Alumni of the Yale Publishing Course.

We are a unique family - we see our authors and our readers as part of that growing blessed family. And our constant prayer is that our little vineyard of life-changing words might constantly flourish by God's ever abundant grace. Whether you are an author or a reader, you are welcome to join this blessed family.

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